Why They Buy: What Triggers a YES vs. a NO?

Why They Buy: What Triggers a YES vs. a NO?

Have you ever heard that sales is a numbers game and that in order to get more YES’s, you need to get more NO’s? What if to get more YES’s, you actually just need to get more YES’s?

According to salesforce.com, 87% of sales professionals don’t feel prepared for their appointments and 66% of customers feel turned off by the sales presentation. This could be costing you tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars per year! 

In this interactive seminar, Amanda Schneider will show you how to increase your sales up to 300% using our program called B.A.N.K.

Our revolutionary methodology has been validated by San Francisco State University with our recently published white paper. It validates that our system can predict buying behavior and increase sales immediately. 

If you’re ready to turn those NO’s into YES’s and make more money in less time, then come and learn with us! We have the Secrets, the Science and the Systems to supercharge your sales in less than 90 seconds! 

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