Breath of Life Activation–2 hour powerful shamanic soul travel experience-TEMPE

Breath of Life Activation–2 hour powerful shamanic soul travel experience-TEMPE

“Truly trans formative. I reached a level of love inside of me I never knew existed. So beautiful and profound.” -JJ

“This experience will touch your soul to the deepest levels you wish to go” – Alex

Breath of Life Activation will truly transform those ready to go to the next level of consciousness. Come to work on some life challenges you may have, come to experience a powerful healing procedure, or just come to feel really good. This is an accelerated process for personal transformation and growth.

What is the Breath of Life Activation?

Breath of Life Activation is an active process utilizing the most widely available, yet most under-utilized resource on our planet – oxygen.

This highly focused and extremely powerful experience greatly accelerates the user’s personal transformation by bypassing the conscious mind and going directly to the subconscious mind, where all true possibilities exits.

Multiple crystal singing bowls, tibetan bowls, gongs, drums, shakers, and facilitator guidance, along with a symphony of emotional music, will take you on a powerful extrasensory and internal journey you’ll want to do again and again.

“You will be swept away by the music, by the guidance, and by the very powerful emotions that arise within you.” – Kent


Utilizing this highly effective method, accomplished while lying down or seated, this process quickly and thoroughly activates each chakra in your body, aligning the mind, body, and spirit with their original blueprint: perfection.

Possible benefits to you:

* A clear understanding of the workings of your Deeper Mind and how to reprogram it

* An immediate reduction of fear, tension and uncertainty

* More relaxed, natural and honest relationships

* The recognition of your relationship to Existence

* A deep trust of yourself and of life

* An increase in self-esteem

* The potential cessation of psychosomatic conditions

* Recognition and reversal of the fear of the positive

* A practical approach to the path to self-realization

* A conscious connection with the higher aspects of your being

* More clarity in all aspects of your life

* A way to release, let go, and feel rejuvinated

* Connection to Universal Source

“What a wonderful experience. I have never in my life vibrated so much! I felt alive, present and full of so much energy the next day” – Joy

“This is one of the best events i have attended. quite an experience. it’s a different breathing technique, and set to music with crystal bowls and the like, you can’t help but be swept away by it. everyone i met was kind, interesting, and diverse. great crowd. looking forward to the next one.” -Caine

“Life changing experience!” – Shawna

Cost: $20-25 sliding scale

Note: each time you do this journey it can be very different from the time before. We encourage everyone to try it a few times. Usually the second or third time is even better. So please keep coming to get maximum benefit. • We have a beautiful meetup space:

What to bring:

Please bring something to lay down on such as a yoga mat, blow up camping mattress, blanket, pillow, etc. It’s important to be comfy. If you don’t have anything we only have limited extras and will provide you with one on a first come first serve basis. Also eat lightly a few hours before and wear comfy clothing. Your facilitator for this process will be Colter. See you there!